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I am happy to make these in any specific colors of your choosing, and recently have begun adding a small number of drippers to my Etsy shop as a trial. Taking multiple photos of each product is a bit more work, however people seem receptive to seeing exactly what they are getting so I’ll be expanding that soon.

Deviating from a “made to go” mindset also allows me to experiment with different color combinations such as blacks, browns and silver (my least 3 requested colors), and I can also create simpler palettes since some on the autism spectrum only like certain colors. As an example, some only like the colors of fire and wouldn’t want any contrasting shades or “cool” tones. Others may want ocean colors, and others may want monochromatic ones featuring several shades in the same family.


It has been two years since I launched Colordripper v1.0. In spite of having no science background (I never even took basic chemistry in High School for instance), I have made something novel that is providing genuine therapeutic value to people primarily on the autism spectrum, as well as to people with PTSD, SPD and other sensory issues. Public feedback & private emails I receive are a reflection that they are helping in some small way.

There were some hiccups initially — most embarrassingly when the 99.99% isopropyl alcohol I was using to break up the oils was causing some of the glue seams in earlier models to leak. However, in spite of my naivety, I have continued to make iterations and changes to the formula based on feedback and now they are more colorful and flow better than ever.

As an aside, shipping costs are increasing at an average of 5-10% each year and the raw cost of the oils and materials is also increasing, but I am still looking for ways to reduce the price & will make reductions when available.


Our Fall Collection


This is a good example of one that has less contrast, and one with lots going on. Some people prefer one over the other. If you have specific color preferences, or even want one that is soft & muted, I can make them in pastel too. Indicate in the order preferences if you have any. If you don’t have any preferences, what you’ll likely get is something with 4 colors, typically a couple that are warm and a couple that are cool works best. It’s a little more nuanced, but my goal is to not create brown. If it’s for a girl, I’ll typically not include yellow orange or red as as focal color, and with a boy I wouldn’t include purple or pink as the main focus

NOTE: all the images on this website are compressed, and may appear fuzzy or low contrast


I am Brian, the proprietor and the one who fills these with colors.

I think these are pretty neat, on account of my autism. People on the spectrum get a kick out of them or use them as a quick momentary distraction. I am really into color, and I like making these infrequently. This is sort of a stealth side project. If the project gets too big it will not be as fun, so keep it on the down low. You don’t need to pick out your favorite colors from the store, if you are cool with it taking an extra couple of days to make & ship, I will fill your order from scratch. I was making them slower, but people seem to like them a little faster, but if you receive an order of more than 1 they will each be slightly different because they are made by hand and I don’t measure anything. I just wing every one. I have dozens of colors available, so it is a challenge to try and create ones I haven’t made before.

My goal number one is to not make brown, unless requested. Beyond that, I won’t add pink (unless to make a vibrant orange mixed with yellow), since most boys don’t like pink right away. If this is for a girl, I have violet, purple, lavender and many shades of pink. If there any colors you don’t want it is no trouble at all, just specify where prompted if ordering. I only ship to the US for now. I can get you an international shipping quote, but it will be expensive so I hate charging that much given the cheap price relative to the weight.

I am not very good at blogging, and we don’t have any updates to speak of, at the moment, just wanted to say that if you have any questions reach out. Most of my customers are using these for therapy which I think is really cool. Something like this could have helped me out in my younger days. If you or someone you are buying this for has colors you do or do not want, you can indicate that when ordering & it would be my pleasure to make you an animated liquid painting. Some like vibrant some pastel, I can do both even. I even have white, and black, two colors that look great if you give them a try, but I don’t include these two shades unless requested.

If you order just 3 and have no requests, I’ll try to send bright vibrant ones. If you order let’s say a dozen, I’ll probably include a pastel one since those are some of the requests I hear from therapists, educators, teachers and parents.

There wasn’t nothing really like this on the market so I made one. I got so many ideas, what I need is better time management. I appreciate your support & interest and hope these can be of value should you order one. The price is higher than I want, but they take forever to fill with a little syringe, and none of the ingredients are free, as they say.

I am usually prompt with emails, sometimes it may take me a day or two if I am overly distracted. Reach out if you have a question.

warm regards,


Going with the flow

Classic floating color timers (available on amazon) are superb when you need a fast visual timer, however, they don't offer a lot of variety or make very good hand toys. You may even find the movement monotonous after a while.

Below is a side-by-side comparison showcasing our easygoing colordripper with it's distant cousin.

Every one we make is filled by hand with an artist's touch, and no two are identical. They'll never repeat the exact same pattern no matter how often you use it, and most models will stay active for several minutes without interruption.

UPDATE: October, 2018 — Formulas will vary, and may be faster than shown here. People seem to prefer them slightly faster than this, so the oils used have shifted over time. We are using new inks, so these are also a little more vibrant than when this was filmed.


Note these are both the same size, although the angle is a bit skewed