Going with the flow

Classic floating color timers (available on amazon) are superb when you need a fast visual timer, however, they don't offer a lot of variety or make very good hand toys. You may even find the movement monotonous after a while.

Below is a side-by-side comparison showcasing our easygoing colordripper with it's distant cousin.

Every one we make is filled by hand with an artist's touch, and no two are identical. They'll never repeat the exact same pattern no matter how often you use it, and most models will stay active for several minutes without interruption.

UPDATE: October, 2018 — Formulas will vary, and may be faster than shown here. People seem to prefer them slightly faster than this, so the oils used have shifted over time. We are using new inks, so these are also a little more vibrant than when this was filmed.


Note these are both the same size, although the angle is a bit skewed