In short: we do not, have not, and will not share, sell, rent, or trade customers personal data.

This privacy policy covers our website,, and related sales channels we operate. We have separate terms of use which apply to this site and our brand.



We solicit the least amount of personal information possible to fulfill paid orders via this website, which includes:

  • email address (for order confirmation & tracking)
  • shipping address (if different than billing)
  • billing address used for credit card
  • customer first and last name


optional data may also be collected:

  • telephone# (commercial deliveries)
  • special order instructions provided by you
  • email sent through this website, or to our domain


As with most websites, we collect non-personal data about our web visitors as a whole. This analytics data is not tied to specific orders or customers; for instance, we don't have the sophistication, need, or interest in associating individual orders or customers with other data points such as browser, operating system, IP location, screen resolution, or metrics such as that.


As a matter of policy, we do not store offline records of customers order history, nor do we have print physical copies of personal customer information, including your address, email address or other data. Papers with any customer data are shredded after use as routine policy.

All employee access to email, computers, this and related websites, as well as to all associated accounts for the colordrippers are password-protected, and feature additional layers of protection including 2-factor authentication, and biometrics (wherever offered). We utilize G Suite for all email & collaboration, which provides end to end encryption, 2FA and state of the art security features.


To be clear: we do not have access to sensitive customer credit card info.

All credit card payments, as well as paypal transactions, are handled securely & privately between your bank and our bank via intermediaries (for example, your Visa card and our merchant provider). At no time do we have any access to credit card details unless they are provided in person, or over the telephone, in which case this information is not stored for any reason under any circumstances.

For online orders via this website, we only store the type of card used and the last 4 digits of said card, or the email address only if paying by paypal. For instance, we can see you paid with a Amex that ends in xxxx1234 and that the expiration is such & such.

As a standard security measure, we verify that the billing address on file with your credit card company matches the billing address used to order. We also verify that the 3 digit CVC (on the back of your card) matches adding an additional layer of protection.

See also: stripe's privacy policy, as well as paypal's privacy policy.

This website is hosted by squarespace, which utilizes SSL certificates in checkout and is PCI compliant. View their privacy policy.


We use a wide variety of vendors and platforms to operate various aspects of this business which may unintentionally have access to your data, such as: webhosts or payment providers, an ISP or email provider, social media accounts (if you send us a message, for instance), US Postal Service,, Etsy, Google, to name several examples. They may have applicable privacy policies not covered here.

To reiterate, at no time do we have access to sensitive payment information, or anything not provided by you voluntarily (typically this includes your name, email address, and if you place an order the address used).


Every few months so we send out an electronic newsletter which gives subscribers exclusive perks, giveaways, product drops, and other fun stuff. The default is opt-out and you won't receive any promotional email from us if you simply place an order unless you explicitly subscribe to this separate newsletter. There is a simple unsubscribe link in each email.




see also: terms of use