Colordripper 3-pack


Colordripper 3-pack


Your choice of three drippers

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We only ship bright, vibrant specimens unless requested otherwise


Grab a three pack of colordrippers and save > 15% off the retail price. Includes complimentary USPS shipping to anywhere in the U.S — a value of about $5.

Our contrivances are hand filled with vibrant artist pigments that won't fade or mix. The chemical makeup and oil thicknesses vary, creating a broad range of flow patterns and degrees of ooziness. No two are an exact match.

  • brand new

  • 5.75" x 2" x 1"

  • soft beveled edges

  • scratch resistant plastic



Benefit from the properties of hydrodynamics as you watch moving liquid waves do the polka. Each time you move the the dripper the canvas adjusts and reacts to the turbulence. You can increase the speed by twisting or spinning it gently in your hands. Or turn it upside down and view the layers as they slowly reorganize.

This lot features an assortment of 3 individual drippers. Unless requested otherwise by you (see below), we'll send ones which have four distinct colors in a variety of formulas that will be radically different from each another.

Only a few examples are shown here for reference; the color combinations are virtually endless. Request your favorite colors today.



Suggestions are welcome on orders of 3 or less drippers. When clicking the "add to cart" button a form will popup and provide a dropdown menu of up to 3 colors you prefer (this is completely optional & it's okay if you can't make up your mind). Each dripper features up to 4 colors, so allowing you to suggest 3 gives us flexibility when picking one out for you.

Orders are not made "to go", but rather this feedback is used as input for which to pick & ship to you. For example you may not want any reds, or want lots of pinks & blue. Bear in mind each side typically has two distinct colors, so you will have four base colors in addition to the overlapping shades.

Note that due to the minuscule amount of colorant used and for other practical reasons, we can't guarantee color matches.




We process orders 4-6 days per week, with many packages shipping the same day ordered. Free 3-5 day First Class is included in the cost for all orders of three or more, while the cost on one or two is a flat rate of $2.75. Expedited Priority shipping upgrades are also available. If you aren't ordering many and there is a store near you that sells them, that is another option to consider as it should run you about the same price. Note that these were just launched in February of 2017, therefore they aren't in many retail spaces currently.

For returns, each order of three or less comes with a 14-day satisfaction period. If you are not fully satisfied, you can send them back at your convenience with few exceptions, and pay no restocking fees.

For more policies & other questions read this FAQ or contact us.